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Children’s Health

Children respond particularly well to natural therapies, especially if there has not been a history of pharmaceutical use.

The use of antibiotics for infections of all kinds is not advisable for several reasons:

1.  There are very few antibiotics left that do not have resistance to infectious bugs, so we need to keep them when really needed for dangerous infections.

2.  Antibiotics are usually not necessary for ear infections, tonsillitis, colds, yet are still being routinely prescribed.  A Lancet meta analysis in October 2006  showed that the recovery rate from these types of infections was the same whether or not antibiotics were prescribed.

3.  Antibiotics strip the gut lining and kill off the good bugs as well as harmful ones.  Recent studies show that we are largely composed of beneficial micro-organisms.  We have yet to really understand what are the long term effects of indiscriminate use of antibiotics but evidence now suggests that obesity is partially linked to poor gut flora.

4.  We already know that the immune system is weakened by antibiotic use.  Antibiotics clear up symptoms but they often drive the infection further in and cause deeper problems long term

My Special Areas of Interest for Treating Children

Chronic colds/poor immunity
Tonsillitis- chronic or acute
Ear infections

Poor digestion
Constipation or diarrhoea
Autism/ Aspergers Syndrome
Bed wetting



Children and Acupuncture

Children can be greatly helped with acupuncture and respond remarkably well.   The biggest obstacle is the fear of needles, often the parent’s fear.  If parents are confident of the treatment then children are generally happy to try it.  The needles used are made of stainless steel and are very thin so the insertion is very gentle and often totally painless.  You know it is painless when a child says “Is it in?” after the insertion.

The effect can be immediate and last for weeks.  Often only one treatment is enough to resolve a problem e.g tonsillitis or headache