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Live Blood Analysis

What is Live Blood Analysis?

Live Blood Analysis involves the screening of a drop of your blood under a high-powered microscope, which is then projected onto a monitor or computer screen for evaluation.

Live and dried blood analysis allows a qualitative evaluation of many organ functions and systems of the body. It is an excellent screening tool for preventative medicine.

It is not used to diagnose any disease.

What is the difference between Live and Dried Blood?

  • Live Blood is taken directly from a finger prick and examined immediately under high power.
  • Dried blood is from the same finger, but 5 samples are taken from one drop and allowed to dry before examination under low power.

What is Dried Blood Analysis?

This involves looking at a drop of blood that is dried out and examined under low power to identify certain patterns that have been shown to correspond to particular aspects of health status.

How is it done?

The blood is taken from the tip of a finger with a sterile, single-use Unistik 2 lancet.  Only 2 drops are needed.

The blood is examined under low, medium and high power and you can see your own blood sample on the TV monitor or the computer screen.

You will be informed of any risk factors you are currently showing.

You will be advised of any changes in lifestyle or diet that will help to normalize your blood.

If there are any risk factors that require further medical tests or intervention, you will be referred to your medical doctor.

Sometimes certain supplements may be needed to rectify the problem.

The blood can be viewed again after 3-6 weeks to check for improvements.


What Can Live Blood Analysis tell me about my health?

Live blood analysis can give valuable information about:

1. Digestive capacity

2. Immune function

3. Allergies

4. Parasites

5. Oxidative stress (chemical or pollutant damage)

6. Certain nutrient deficiencies – iron, folate/B12, magnesium, zinc, EFA

7. Inflammatory response.

8. Liver health

9. Certain infective agents – bacteria, mycoplasma, yeasts, moulds

10. Presence of leaky gut

11. Overall health and vitality

 What can Dried Blood Analysis tell me about my Health?

Dried blood analysis can give information about:

1. Antioxidant status

2. Gut toxicity

3. Presence of parasites

4. Some hormonal conditions

5. Viral conditions

6. Inflammation

7. Adrenal function

Note: Live and Dried Blood Analysis does not diagnose medical conditions and should not be used to replace medical pathology tests.