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Do you feel tired and unmotivated?

Are you in pain?

Are you grappling with a chronic illness that conventional medicine cannot resolve? 

Are you overweight?

Are your hormones out of balance?

Are you depressed or anxious?

Are you finding it hard to cope with the stresses of everyday life?

Are you suffering from any past or present trauma or grief?

Do you have allergies or food intolerance?

Is your immune system weak? 

Do you need to find that missing puzzle piece in life?


At Magnolia Natural Medicine the aim is to bring you to a state of balance and healing by tailoring a program individually for you. If you have a specific condition I will delve below the surface to find the causes of your condition. To fully heal from any dis-ease state, we need to examine and address underlying causes, whether they be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  (Or all four).

We also need to address immediate symptoms like pain or depression or inflammation.

To best understand you holistically, the tools used include a very comprehensive health questionnaire, computerized iridology and sclerology, TCM, and other clinical tools and tests.

 The aim is to get you feeling better immediately and then to improve your overall health and well being by working with you to achieve your own goals in a way that is enjoyable and practical for you personally.

For a health program to work you have to enjoy it and it has to be something you can stick with without feeling like you are making a great sacrifice.  Of course there will be changes needed but you won’t be told what to do and sent home.  We will work together to educate and motivate you towards greater well being.