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Esoteric Acupuncture / Advanced Energy Healing


This method of acupuncture was developed by Dr Mikio Sankey (PhD., L.Ac) and is now being used by a number of Australian practitioners. Dianne has completed the Advanced training in Esoteric Acupuncture and continues to upgrade when the opportunity arises.

“I believe this is the most profound form of acupuncture healing as it leads us to be the best we can be”.  It allows us to “find our puzzle piece in life” by harmonising us with the universal flow of energy.

 What is Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing?

Esoteric acupuncture/ advanced energy healing is not merely another form of acupuncture.
Esoteric acupuncture …… another way of viewing life to truly understand ourselves and is a philosophy that gives one the opportunity to understand how we are interconnected to everything and everyone else in this universe and beyond”   Mikio Sankey  p1 Sea of Fire – Cosmic Fire, Esoteric Acupuncture Volume IV
Esoteric acupuncture is not about treating disease.  It is about achieving balance of the body, mind and spirit.
Wellness is not just having a healthy body.  It encompasses our body, mind and spirit and our interconnection with all others.
After an esoteric treatment, you may feel more peaceful, clear and loving.  But if there is something in your life that is causing stress, you may see the issue more clearly and know what to do about it.  After a treatment, you can be in a space of knowing your inner truth and you will be able to act on it from a place of love, not anger or grief, or confusion.
The effects last about a month, although it varies from one person to another, depending on your diet and outlook on life. To hold the treatments longer, it is best to have a very pure diet and active, healthy and positive lifestyle.  Having a treatment will actually motivate you to do this.
How is it done?

For best results, it is ideal that you eat pure, healthy food and have a healthy lifestyle.  This is because the points chosen set up an energy field with a high resonance and if you are toxic, in a negative frame of mind or living in a situation that you know isn’t suiting you, the energy field will not hold well or you will be pushed towards the truth and may experience uncomfortable thoughts or feelings.

The needles are inserted to form particular patterns, which are based on sacred geometry. There are many patterns and they each have different effects.  Some will work on opening a particular chakra if it is closed, some may link the higher self to the heart.

Ultimately all esoteric acupuncture treatments are directing us towards a higher state of conciousness.

Each needle is inserted very superficially as we are working with the energy field around the body, and not trying to treat particular disease states.

The needles form patterns in the energy field that increase our vibration.


One of these patterns is based on the Flower of Life Pattern.

A complete treatment is done, first on the back, and then on the front.  It takes about 90 minutes altogether as you are left to relax and let the patterns INSTILL into your energy body.

You may feel very relaxed and spaced out afterwards, and it it advised you don’t drive straight away.

The effects of the treatment evolve over the next month and will gradually wear off.  Progressive treatments can take you to higher states of consciousness and awareness.

Regulare meditiation greatly helps to maintain a higher state of consciousness.


How does it help?

Esoteric acupuncture is not designed to treat disease states, although by increasing your vibrational field, you will naturally go into a higher state of consciousness and will begin to heal at a deep level.

It is now generally believed that all chronic illness stems, at least partly, from negative thought patterns and emotions.  By acting at the deep spiritual level, esoteric acupuncture will heal illness from the inside out.  It may take many months, but if treatments are given at monthly intervals, the healing will be a steady process.

Esoteric acupuncture is really about increasing wellness, not treating dis-ease. 

If you find you can’t meditate easily because your mind won’t stop its constant chatter, esoteric acupuncture can bring about stillness of the mind and a complete sense of peace and unity.

It is only when we STOP and are STILL, that real healing can take place.


More information…

For more information about Esoteric Acupuncture, please refer to Dr Mikio Sankey’s website