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Plum Blossom Needling

Magnolia Natural Medicine Plum Blossom NeedlingThe application of ‘plum-blossom’ needle therapy has a history of more than 1000 years.

The ancients gave the name of ‘plum-blossom’ needle to the five needles bound together like a plum-blossom and ‘seven-star’ needle to the bundle of seven needles.

The handle is flexible and allows for superficial tapping of the needle head on the skin.  This causes an inflammation of the skin but not the flesh and allows the release of congestion and pain in the superficial muscle.  Although it sounds barbaric, it actually inflicts very little pain.  Deep tissue massage is far more painful.

It is also known as ‘dermal needling’. Generally, it is called ‘plum-blossom’ needling or “seven star needling”.
Use in Cosmetic Acupuncture

The dermal hammer can help reduce any unwanted facial markings, such as wrinkles, scars, open pores, visible blood vessels or discolorations.  If used in conjunction with a course of acupuncture in non-surgical face lifts, the results are enhanced. It greatly increases the flow of blood to the area and also enhances collagen production in wrinkle reduction.

Magnolia Natural Medicine dermal hammer

The Dermal Roller has a similar (but more gentle) effect and can be done at home weekly to reduce scarring, wrinkles, minor varicosities, and also to generally improve skin quality by stimulating collagen synthesis.
 How is plum blossom needling done?

The flexible handle is flicked in such a way that the head of the dermal needle lands quickly and gently on the area to be treated. It is a fast movement and can be used to cover a fairly large area in a short time.  The skin surface is lightly broken so tiny bits of blood may be seen at the surface.

The skin afterwards will look like it has been sunburnt as the circulation is brought to the surface of the skin.  This is how it exerts its therapeutic effect.

After a day or so there may be small dots left on the skin, which quickly disappear

 How does it help?

  • It is especially effective for chronic aching in the muscles that does not respond to massage or acupuncture.
  • Other uses are for post stroke paralysis, cerebral palsy and hair loss.
  • It can assist in hair loss through tapping your scalp with a 7-star or plum blossom needle which stimulates blood flow to your scalp.