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Ultra Lite Weight and Health Management Program

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This program is highly successful because it addresses the core issues in weight loss and health management

  1. Food quantity needed for efficient fat loss without muscle loss.
  2. Correct ratio of protein : fat : carbohydrate to support fat burning
  3. Eliminates cravings for simple carbohydrates – sugar, white flour products
  4. Easy, delicious, nutritious meals the whole family can enjoy
  5. Delicious protein drinks to stabilize blood sugar between meals
  6. Reduces blood pressure if high
  7. Lowers cholesterol and increases HDL (good fats) and lowers LDL (bad fats)
  8. Weekly monitoring to ensure success
  9. Monitors fat loss, muscle mass and fluid balance, not just weight loss.
  10. Can be done long term.
  11. Reduces severity of chronic diseases
  12. Improves overall health and well being significantly
  13. Improves hormone balance
  14. Improves mood.